Honestly. I had everything.

A perfect life. I had been traveling, working and earning heaps of money. I was an A student at the university, had a wonderful central apartment with a walk-in closet and a lovable boyfriend. I had a good self esteem and everybody told me my life was a success. Sound great, doesn’t it?

But inside: I was itching all over.

I felt restless, suffocated and lost. My mind and soul was raging. Is this it? Is this what life is all about? Everywhere I turned I saw people running around in the rat race and draining themselves dry in their hunt for more money, more material belongings and success. I saw people stuck in loveless relationships, unfullfilling jobs with their eyes on next vacation and next shopping spree. Is this it? It can’t be, right? Dammit! THIS CAN’T BE IT!


My intuition screamed!

From the pit of my stomach I felt in my whole being that no, THIS IS NOT IT! I just KNEW there was something else out there for me. I knew it in all my heart. So I did what I had to do. What my heart told me to do. I dropped out of school, I broke up with my boyfriend, gave up my apartment. In just 3 months I destroyed everything I’d been building for years. My life was in ruins. And me? I was feeling high on life and fucking fantastic.

I made a commitment towards myself to always follow my heart. And with that I had started my journey for real. The journey in search of my true Purpose.