This is your year. This is when you will claim your spot as a teacher, healer and public speaker. THIS IS IT.
I’ve been a public speaker for 5 years and have been giving speeches and hosting workshops in Scandinavia, India, UK, Spain, and U.S. for audiences as big as 2,000 people.
And I started where you are now – without knowledge on how to get gigs, what exactly I was going to talk about, how to handle self doubt, or what to charge. I was nervous and scared, but I knew in my heart that this was my path. I knew that I wanted to inspire the shit out of my audience and share my message.
So I studied, interviewed speakers and above all: did a lot of trial and error. I drew on my years of playing theater and took lessons from my spiritual practice to grow as a public speaker. I have gathered my knowledge from my years on stage and organized it into this 4-week online course. In this course I will answer questions I had myself when I was starting out and questions I get every month from my tribe.
Now it’s your turn! You are here to step into the spotlight and share your message. Stop playing small. This is your time to shine, to help, to heal. THIS IS IT.
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This is for you:
If you know deep down in your heart that you have a message to share with the world. You might feel self-doubt and a bit nervous claiming the spotlight but you WANT to speak on stage and host workshops. PERFECT FOR: Coaches, yoga teachers, healers, wellness warriors and lightworkers.

Previous Knowledge:
For newbies that want to learn the craft of public speaking from scratch and for the intermediate public speakers that still don’t feel confident in the trade.

Course Content:
4 modules – one every week for 4 weeks – that includes videos, text, audio, and printable training sheets.

One payment: $297


  • $297.
    • Speak with Purpose Online Course
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    • FULL VALUE: $579!

Peek inside the course


When you buy the course you will get an email on how to log in to the course portal called ”Simplero”. You will have a welcome video waiting for you straight away. After that you will get access to one module every week, for 4 weeks, from the course start date and onwards. You will get email reminders when you can access the new modules.

No worries. There are no ”must do’s” during this course. If you want feedback on your speech you should just email it to me before the last date but you will have access to all modules for as long as your want to.

Each module will take a few hours to complete if you do the exercises but they are all separated into different parts that will take from 5 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. You have one week for each module. This means you can study on the days you have time. Plus, you will have access to the modules after the course ended so you can always go back if you missed one part or just want to repeat the lessons.

Your don’t HAVE TO do anything but when you go through the course you will understand the power in storytelling and tap into the power that is your own story.