Make a Difference + Make a Living
When I started my business I had so many questions. How do I find new clients? Can I really make a living following my heart and helping others? How do I create my own brand? Is it possible to sell without feeling sleazy? What social media should I work with? Is it possible to earn money without working 24/7? And how to deal with the nay-sayers that always shoot down my dreams and ideas?
This is a hands-on course directly from my heart filled with all the secrets and tricks that I have figured out during my 6 years as a bossbabe. No holding back! I will show you behind the scene how I run my business and give you examples from other successful entrepreneurs and give your step-for-step guides. A course filled with business knowledge all new and aspiring soul bosses need.
This course will help you take the right action steps so both YOU and your business can FLOURISH!
Next Class Starts: 17 September 2017
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  • $590.
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    • One payment: $590 or
    • Payment plan: $215 x 3 months

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This is for you if_

This is for you:
If you want to start or have just started your own soulful business. If you feel pretty confident in your gift but want support to tackle the business part. You want to know that you’re doing the right things and learn the inside tips and tricks. PERFECT FOR: Coaches, yoga teachers, healers, wellness warriors and light workers.

Previous Knowledge:
You should have an idea what kind of service you will provide. It could be coaching, healing, teaching, consulting or anything else in the soulful ball park. You don’t have to know how to make it a full time living, or what you should do first, or feel super duper confident.

Course Content:
4 modules – one every week for 4 weeks – that includes videos, texts and printable training sheets.

Self Study: $590
Payment plan: $215 x 3

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Questions & Answers

When you buy the course you will get an email on how to log in to the course portal called ”Simplero”. You will get access to one module every week from the course start date and onwards. (Look at the course schedule to get the dates!) You will get email reminders when you can access the new modules.

You don’t have to have started your business yet but you should have an idea of what service your business will provide, what you are here to give. Maybe it’s reiki healing or fitness classes or mediation lessons or health coaching – your don’t have to be clearer than that.

No worries. There are no ”must do’s” during this course. You’re a soulboss now. Only you now what you need to prioritize. You will have access to all the modules after the course and my hope is that you will come back again and again to refresh your knowledge and get new inspiration.

Each module will take a few hours to complete if you do the exercises but they are all separated into different parts that will take from 5 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. You have one week for each module. This means you can study on the days you have time. Plus, you will have access to the modules after the course ended so you can always go back if you missed one part or just want to repeat the lessons – actually that is my wish. It will take months to incorporate all of your new knowledge in to your business!