You + Me = Dream Day!
You have a dream. I have the tools and experience to help you make it reality. Your dream might be to find your path or write a book or start a business or figure out your passion or travel abroad or make a real change in the world. Or a combination of all above! Whatever your dream is – I’ve got you!
Imagine a day where you and me together work on you and your dream! A day were you can pick my brain, get purpose coaching and become clear on the different steps you need to take to fulfill your dream.
During this VIP day we will dive into your true purpose, work hand-on with your dream project and create an in-depth list of your next steps.
Dream Day Schedule
Session 1: INTRO
We will start our day by meeting for a stroll through the city, soaking up the sun. With a cappuccino in hand we will get to know each other better, start working with your dream and plan out our day. This session will remove any feeling of nervousness and really get you ready to take off.
After the walk-and-talk we will sit down at a cozy coffeeshop and dive deep into your heart and your true path – your will get transformative purpose coaching and get invaluable insights about what you are really here to do on this planet. You will be recommended to record this session with your phone so you can go back to it later on. This session will give you soul deep confidence and you will KNOW why your dream is your purpose and it’s meant to be.
Break: LUNCH
A long 2 hour lunch break will make sure you have enough time to digest new insights and take a nap or yoga session.
After lunch it’s time to get our hands dirty! We meet at a inspiring hotell lobby or co-working space. With computers, pens and paper I will help you with your project and dream – hands on. Maybe we will create an outline to your book, create your business plan, apply for that school or research where you can afford to travel. Boss babe lifestyle for real! This session will leave you confident that your dream is possible and you will take steps toward it.
Session 4: NEXT STEPS
During our last session for the day we will make a clear step-by-step action plan so you can feel super clear on what you will need to do the next months to really make your dream reality. Confidence. Clarity. Excitement.
This is for you if_-5

This is for you:
You are a dreamer and seeker. You want to make your dream reality. You need support, cheering-on and figure some practical steps to fulfill your dream.

Previous Knowledge:
No previous knowledge needed but hunger for change and a wide open heart is required.

Course Content:
Full day of Purpose Coaching and Project Mentoring with me – IRL or online. Reading list. BONUS: Free access to the online course ”Wtf Should I do with my life?”

Full price: $475 (Value: $1490)
Payment plan: 2 payments of $250


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