Understand Your Purpose + Make it Your Living

Are you feeling jealous of Harry Potter and his admission letter to Hogwarts and do you feel like being a tribute in the Hunger Games might actually be better than just mindlessly running around in the 9-5 rat race? Do you crave more out of life than the ordinary but it kind of feels like you should just fake a happy smile and settle down. Like everybody else…

I just have two things to tell you:

Magic. Is. Real.

You have a super fucking important life purpose.

Fuck living for weekends and vacations.

Fuck working at a job where you don’t feel purpose and passion.

Fuck shallow conversations, trying to fit in and Sunday evening anxiety.

How does this sound instead?

Wake up without an alarm clock. Stretch. Smile. 

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Bring it outside. Feel the warm sun on your face. Breath. The day starts. 

After breakfast and a short meditation you grab your laptop and head down to the local coffee shop to get some work down. The work you do is meaningful, it makes the world a better place, it’s in alignment with your soul and when you close your eyes for a second you feel: Yep, this is excatly what I should be doing.

You will share your day with people that sees you for who you are, who supports, uplifts and understands you. You will talk business, and emotions and past lives and meditation techniques and travel hacks. The divine energy is all around you and your feel guided, guarded and protected – you close your hand around a chrystal stone in your pocket and shivers runs down your spine. All is well. 

Mother Earth is calling for the big hearted souls who feel out of alignment with what’s going on on the planet right now. The creative, the empathic, the big hearted with a strong feeling of right and wrong.  She is calling for YOU. I will be honest – this is serious shit. We need to RISE UP and stop playing small. We need to KNOW OUR PURPOSE, what magic we are here to create and then get to work. This is our time. Does your heart beat a bit faster when you read this? Is your soul whispering ”yes, yes, yes!” but at the same time you feel a teensy bit overwhelmed?

This mentorship is for you darling dreamer!


Phase 1 – 3 months

Go from being stuck and confused to crystal clear clarity on what you are supposed to do with your life. See your self esteem soar and your life transform.


Phase 2 – 3 months

Take your millions ideas and dreams and make them become your reality.  Starting your own business, launch a brand or podcast. Go from dreaming to doing.


Phase 3 – 3 months

Live the life you know is possible. Travel, create passive income, structures and automation. Write your first book, get speaking gigs and work with your own business full time.

The Dream Combo
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Mentor + Coach + Witch

It’s amazing to have someone in your corner to help you to create your dreams. I’m not only a certified LifeSpider System Coach who’s been working with hundreds of clients and an experienced business mentor – I’m also a healer-shaman-witch who will awaken your own inner magic and make sure universe is working in your favor.

3, 6 or 9 months mentorship

Depending on where you are on your journey you can start on phase 1, 2 or 3. You can go through each phase on it’s own or combine it with the other phases. We will talk this through on your free clarity call and make sure you start on the right step.

Online Trainings

Get access to my top online trainings for free when you work with me 1-on-1. During phase 1 your will go through ”Wtf should I do with my life” and ”Life Purpose Workshop”. In phase 2 your will get access to the business library ”SOULBOSS SCHOOL” to ramp up your brand and biz. And in phase 3 you will enjoy the extensive ”Speak with Purpose” public speaking training and ”Write Your First Book”.

The Different Phases

Does this sounds exciting and awesome? Best part: The price is fucking great too!

Value: $1900/month
$444 /month*
*minimum commitment 3 months

(a clarity call is a 30 minute Skype call where we get to know each other better and I tell you more about the program!)

client review
About Sanne

Hi dear.

For six years ago I felt like I was wasting my life. I felt stuck in a ”perfect” life, in the normal 9-5 world. Everybody around me seemed content. My life were supposed to make me happy – but it didn’t. 🔥In my heart a fire was raging, a feeling that life is MORE than working for a paycheck and getting your ducks in a row. I didn’t care about my ducks – I wanted to become the dragon. 🐉 My whole body ached. For freedom, travel, excitement, burning blood pumping through my veins. Purpose, passion, meaning, giving back to the world. Living to my fullest potential and using my inner power to do good.

But I didn’t know where to start.

Until… I found my first coach and later my mentor och teacher – that was when everything shifted. They helped me really figure out what I was here to do on this planet and how to do it.

Very soon after starting to work with my coach I realized that my dream was to be able to work from anywhere in the world. To be able to travel without having to plead to a boss for vacay a few weeks a year. I wanted to be able to enjoy the world while working with things I love and making a difference and really HELP people. And that’s what I do that now. 🌎🌍🌏

I’ve been recording inspirational videos at the beach in Hawaii, building my website at hipster coffee shops in Berlin, empowering coaching clients in London, writing in Buenos Aires, signing my published book in Stockholm, hosting transformational retreats in Spain and been public speaking in India. Plus moving my whole fricking life from Sweden to San Francisco. ✈️ I’ve been able to travel and explore a lot since I started my own business.

But most important: I’ve been coaching and teaching and healing people – helping them to find and start living their purpose, creating a real change in their life. That feeling is invaluable. To know, in my heart, that what I do is a part of something bigger. That I am exactly where I should be, doing what I should be doing, being of the highest service to the world.

Let me help you to experience the same feeling. Fiercely alive with passion and purpose.

About my unique coaching skills

Certified LifeSpider System Coach

I am trained directly by Birgitta Granstrom, the founder of LifeSpider System. I’ve been working as a LifeSpider Coach for 5 years and have coached hundred of clients. Birgitta is still my mentor today and keeps me forever expanding and growing my skills.

This is for you if_-3


What is LifeSpider System?

Honestly. After 7 years  of intense research of the personal development world I’ve still haven’t found anything even close to this coaching system. It’s insanely powerful and revolutionizing the world of personal development. It brings regular coaching to the next level and shifts the way you look at the world forever. You will get your own LifeSpider, a life compass, that you will be able to consult with when even you feel stuck, confused or out of flow. Your LifeSpider will help you to understand your Purpose, how to live a life of passion and make sure your are on the right path. I will tell you more about it during your free clarity call!!

(a clarity call is a 30 minute Skype call where we get to know each other better and I tell you more about the program!)