Sanne Aronsson

Purpose Coach, International Speaker and Published Author. Witch, Shaman, Reiki Healer and Online Entrepreneur. Teacher Trainer and Thought Leader. A beloved child has many names, right?

I left the traditional 9-5 route six years ago and chose the path less traveled. I wanted to create a lifestyle that I could really enjoy, travel as much as my heart desire and at the same time: make the world a better place. And hey, I’m definitely not in the rat race any more! I’m native to Sweden but today I live in San Francisco with my fiancé. (He’s also an entrepreneur with his own tech startup. I’m his biggest fan, and he’s mine!) Here I run my own business from my laptop, which means I am free to plan my days and weeks however and wherever I want. I’m free to follow my own internal creative ebb and flow. Sleep in when I want, create what I want and travel where I want.

My life is full of excitement, spirituality, adventure, and most of all PURPOSE.

I’m no longer feel stuck or earning more money for a soul-less company that doesn’t even know my name. My gift is being used to the fullest. Everyday I’m actually doing something to create a better world. I spend my days being in service of humankind and this Earth. Plus have a lot of fun! I help seekers find their path, give business advice to soul-bosses, and remind the privileged to take their responsibility. This is my purpose and I’m utterly dedicated to do my work of healing and teaching. And I fucking love it.

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Some superwoman stats:

Coaching sessions


Countries lived in


Biggest audience


Books published

150 +


My Purpose

I’m here to guide the lost back to their purpose, train spiritual teachers, and remind the privileged of their responsibility to do good. I will learn to do that with ease and grace and at the same time fully enjoy being a human on this earth.

My day-to-day life looks something like this:

Roll out of bed after at least 9 hours sleep

Short meditation

FOOD! I love breakfast. Best meal of the day. Porridge and fruit. Tea.

30 sec commute to my desk overlooking our pool area

Write. Read. Create.

Lunch. Veggies. Probably share it with an inspiring person.

Coach. Teach. Videos. Marketing. Meetings.




Cuddle + Food + Sleep. (+ tv-series/novels.)

(And every now and then everything is up side down if I’m speaking at an event. Or hustling close to a deadline. Or hosting a retreat. Or drinking wine with soulsisters)

My life motto